Scientific Facts and ClimateGate

By Ken Johnson | Monday, January 11, 2010

The e-mails revealed there has been an organized “cabal” of politicians and others calling themselves “Climate Scientists” who for years have been supplying falsified global temperature data to the UN to promote their efforts at worldwide wealth redistribution through CO2 emission rationing and taxing schemes, such as the US’s upcoming ‘Cap and Trade’ (industrial CO2 generation allotments), with a tax on all CO2 releases.  Following the first announcement that their scheme had been uncovered by the e-mails, the major players were on the Internet commanding file deletions, hard drive erasures, and demanding prosecution of those responsible for the releases.  This whole episode was dubbed by some journalist as “Climategate”.  It has been an example of the radical environmentalists demanding the ‘foot’ must be made to fit the ‘shoe’

Read more: ECN Magazine


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