Bill Press: If I Paid Palin’s Speaking Fee ‘I’d Want My Money Back’


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  1. And if Obama had received payment for his teleprompter speeches, I’d want my money back as well. Are we even yet?

    But there again, you never would be in the same room as Palin as I wouldn’t be in the same room as Obama and neither of us would expect the other to be.

    The remark by Press was nothing short of being juvenile.

    She didn’t offer one idea, said Press. I wasn’t aware she was supposed to do anymore than rally up the ranks. After all, she’s not running for office and she is NOT the leader of the Tea Party. She was a GUEST of the group.

    Press went on to mention that Obama had put out tax cuts for businesses. Is he as naive as Obama? It’s not like if you add the employees, the business comes. Just the opposite, if you HAVE the business, the employees will be hired. Seems people like Press and Obama have no knowledge about the free market.

    So in a nutshell, Obama’s tax cut plan for businesses is a fraud. NO business will hire just to get the tax credit because there still won’t be any work, no production going on.

    Comment by MTR | February 7, 2010 | Reply

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