President Obama to GOP leaders: Stop ‘grandstanding’ and get to work on jobs legislation

WASHINGTON – A frustrated, tough-talking President Obama told GOP leaders Tuesday he will try to meet them halfway on a new jobs bill, but also accused them of trying to torpedo his entire policy agenda for political gain.

“We can’t afford grandstanding at the expense of actually getting something done,” Obama said in a surprise news conference in the White House briefing room. “What I won’t consider is doing nothing.”

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  1. Grandstanding? Sorry, but the only grandstanding going on is within your own party. You could have passed the bill if ALL of your party had supported the health bill. Now Obama’s trying to find a couple Republicans who will change the dynamics (called RINOs).

    But all this time the GOP has been shut out of the legislative process. The Republicans have NEVER been about doing nothing. They’ve been more than vocal about the simple healthcare plan. Will Obama listen now? Nope! This is now Obama’s grandstanding so he can claim how the “Party of No” shut down health care.

    Comment by MTR | February 10, 2010 | Reply

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