President Obama hails return to PAYGO

President Barack Obama is hailing pay-as-you-go budget legislation he signed Friday night as one in a series of crucial steps needed to snap Washington out of a destructive pattern of overspending.

“Now, Congress will have to pay for what it spends, just like everybody else,” Obama said in his radio and Internet address released Saturday morning. “After a decade of profligacy, the American people are tired of politicians who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk when it comes to fiscal responsibility. It’s easy to get up in front of the cameras and rant against exploding deficits. What’s hard is actually getting deficits under control. But that’s what we must do.”

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  1. On the surface this sounds good, but if you seriously think this will actually curb spending, we have another thing coming. This only means that in order to pay for programs either other programs will be cut or we will be suffering tax increases.

    Don’t forget, the health care bill has yet to be passed. IF that gets passed, according to Paygo, the money will have to be made available to pay for it. We already know that this bill will be a monkey on the back of our children even before this. So instead of saddling future generations, Obama will just have to pump up the taxes NOW.

    Comment by MTR | February 13, 2010 | Reply

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