Biden says Iraq war wasn’t worth `horrible price’

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Joe Biden says the Iraq war hasn’t been worth its “horrible price.”

He says the war was mishandled from the outset and that the U.S. took its eye off the ball. As a result, he says the U.S. was left in a more dangerous position in Afghanistan, where al-Qaida hatched the Sept 11 attacks.

Biden tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the war also has cost the United States support from other nations

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  1. Not worth the price? As mentioned in the article, Iraq is holding elections next month. So tell that the people of Iraq who were never allowed to have free elections until after we liberated the country of Saddam and his deviant regime. Seems that Biden has forgotten about the murderous Saddam brothers and Chemical Ali and the rest of the cronies that kept the people under their thumbs all the while living high off the hog. Remember the palaces of Saddam that our soldiers lived in for a couple years? Remember how ornate they were? And his people starved and had limited use of electricity and food was scarce?

    Sure, Mr Biden, it wasn’t worth the sacrifice. Now go ask our own military who fought for these people what they think. I don’t know of a soldier who didn’t feel it was worth it. In fact many went back for two and three tours because they did feel it was worth it.

    Comment by MTR | February 14, 2010 | Reply

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