Trial lawyers to Obama: Don’t deal on tort reform in health talks

President Barack Obama wants a bipartisan deal on health reform, but trial lawyers don’t want him to deal on a top Republican priority: tort reform.

Trial lawyers defeated President George W. Bush’s push for medical liability reform and successfully lobbied to water down tort reform provisions in healthcare reform bills this Congress. But the battle is far from over

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  1. I agree. All of this is overblown by the money of big business. What percentage of all lawsuits are frivolous? What is a frivolous lawsuit? How will caps impact peoples ability to sue when they have a legitimate case? People need to think these things through instead of letting their egos drive their thoughts.

    Comment by Mark Baird | February 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Tort reform won’t stop people from suing. But it would limit the award for those cases, for example, that want to sue for millions for a single small scar. But in the case, for example, where Rep John Murtha died because of medical misconduct, the family would win a proper award. What’s frivilous? When a medical situation affects the life of an individual in that it affects his appearance or his ability to work a job he’s been used to or even his marriage.

      Comment by MTR | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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