U.S. hunts for English-speaking bombers

U.S. and allied counterterrorism authorities have launched a global manhunt for English-speaking terrorists trained in Yemen who are planning attacks on the United States, based on intelligence provided by the suspect in the attempted Christmas Day bombing after he began cooperating.

U.S. officials told The Washington Times that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, facing charges as a would-be suicide bomber, revealed during recent cooperation with the FBI that he met with other English speakers at a terrorist training camp in Yemen. Three U.S. intelligence officials, including one senior official, disclosed on the condition of anonymity some details of the additional bomb plots.

Said one official: “It’s safe to say that Abdulmutallab is not the only bullet in the chamber for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,” the Islamist terrorist group based in Yemen

Read more: Washington Times


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  1. So how much damage has been caused by mirandizing Abdulmutallab and not interrogating him? If we had treated him as the terrorist that he is instead of a common street thug, we could have gotten information sooner. Meanwhile al Qaeda has probably changed their tactics and we’re not going to know anything until the bomb is blown up right under out rear ends. Good job, Eric Holder!!!!!

    Comment by MTR | February 15, 2010 | Reply

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