Blumenthal unsure if he wants Obama to campaign for him

Connecticut Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal (D) on Tuesday refused to say whether or not he will invite President Barack Obama to campaign on his behalf.

In a speech before the Yale University College Democrats, the state attorney general said it was “an open question” whether or not the president’s services will be requested on the trail.

He also would not comment on when asked if the president’s appearance would be positive or a negative for his campaign

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  1. The article should be re-titled “Obama has Cooties.” They know that whatever Obama touches does not turn to gold, but the candidate loses. Example: Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Obama’s heading down to Vegas to “help” Reid. He’ll be “helping” Reid right out of a job, especially after the stupid remark he made the other week about spending money in Las Vegas.

    We’re going to see more and more Democrats saying,”Thanks, Mr. President, but no thanks” as time goes by.

    Comment by MTR | February 16, 2010 | Reply

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