Powell backs Obama on national security record

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is rejecting charges that the country is less safe because of the way President Barack Obama has handled national security matters.The former army general and secretary of state under President George W. Bush says the U.S. “is still at risk” of attack. But he says the country isn’t less safe because of Obama’s handling of security, as former Vice President Dick Cheney has claimed.

Powell is a Republican who support Democrat Obama for president in 2008.

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  1. Powell is no more a Republican than Hugo Chavez is Jewish. Other than be Bush’s Secretary of State, there’s absolutely nothing Republican about the man. The only “Republican” who would vote for Obama is one who has never been a Republican in the first place.

    Powell can rant on and on about Cheney’s remarks, but he cannot show for a fact that Obama’s done anything to keep us safe.

    Comment by MTR | February 21, 2010 | Reply

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