Hurricane Katrina victims to sue oil companies over global warming

The class action suit brought by residents from southern Mississippi, which was ravaged by hurricane-force winds and driving rains, was first filed just weeks after the August 2005 storm hit.

“The plaintiffs allege that defendants’ operation of energy, fossil fuels, and chemical industries in the United States caused the emission of greenhouse gasses that contributed to global warming,” say the documents seen by the AFP news agency.

The increase in global surface air and water temperatures “in turn caused a rise in sea levels and added to the ferocity of Hurricane Katrina, which combined to destroy the plaintiffs’ private property, as well as public property useful to them.”

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Baby girl survives after being shot in the chest in parents’ ‘global warming suicide pact’

A seven-month-old baby girl survived three days alone with a bullet in her chest beside the bodies of her parents and toddler brother.

Argentines Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, shot their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears about global warming

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Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits sending ‘pretty awful emails’ to hide data

The Climategate row, which was first revealed by the Daily Mail in November, was triggered when a hacker stole hundreds of emails sent from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit.

They revealed scientists plotting how to avoid responding to Freedom of Information requests from climate change sceptics.

Some even appeared to show the researchers discussing how to manipulate raw data from tree rings about historical temperatures.

In one, Professor Jones talks about using a ‘trick’ to massage figures and ‘hide the decline’

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Scientists Retract Paper on Rising Sea Levels Due to Errors

Scientists have been forced to retract a paper that claimed sea level were rising thanks to the effects of global warming, after mistakes were discovered that undermined the results.

The study was published in Nature Geoscience and predicted that sea levels would rise by as much as 2.7 feet by the end of the twenty-first century. 

The paper also highlighted that it reinforced the conclusions of the U.N.’s controversial Fourth Assessment report, which warned of the dangerous of man-made climate change.

However, mistakes in time intervals and inaccurately applied statistics have forced the authors to retract their paper the first official retraction ever for the three-year-old journal, notes the Guardian. In an officially published retraction of their paper, the authors acknowledged these mistakes as factors that compromised the results

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Study: Warming to Bring Stronger Hurricanes

Top researchers now agree that the world is likely to get stronger but fewer hurricanes in the future because of global warming, seeming to settle a scientific debate on the subject.


FILE – In this Aug. 16, 2004 file photo, an oceanfront home damaged by Hurricane Charley is seen in Oak Island, N.C. Top researchers now agree that the world is likely to get stronger, but fewer, hurricanes in the future because of global warming, seeming to settle a scientific debate on the subject. (AP Photo/Sara D. Davis, File) Collapse


But they say there’s not enough evidence yet to tell whether that effect has already begun.

Since just before Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi in 2005, dueling scientific papers have clashed about whether global warming is worsening hurricanes and will do so in the future. The new study seems to split the difference. A special World Meteorological Organization panel of 10 experts in both hurricanes and climate change — including leading scientists from both sides — came up with a consensus, which is published online Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience

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Former VA Climatologist Slams Obama for Attempt to Ram Through Climate Rules Despite Climate Research Scandals

Given all the information that has been revealed of late about the rampant fraud and misinformation released by climate scientists, the Cato Institute’s Pat Michaels, a former state climatologist for Virginia, slammed the Obama administration for having the EPA issue a finding of endangerment for carbon gases that will then allow the administration to ram through climate change regulations.

Michaels says the administration will face a major legal challenge to try to prevent the regulations introduced by the EPA

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Many meteorologists break with science of global warming

But after considerable persuasion last week, the Fox affiliate WDAF reluctantly allowed its chief meteorologist, Mike Thompson, to explain in an e-mail to The Kansas City Star why he breaks from the scholarly worldview of the causes of climate change.

“It has become completely political — it’s not about science at all,” he wrote in an e-mail. “If science were the objective, then we would be seeing an entirely different debate. But there are agendas at play, and it has undermined the credibility of climate science.”

Others in his profession share that view.

“Global warming is the greatest scam in history,” blogged a veteran TV weatherman in San Diego, John Coleman, in late 2007. He then appeared on Glenn Beck’s show

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Climate-Change Debate Is Heating Up in Deep Freeze


Skeptics of global warming are using the record-setting snows to mock those who warn of dangerous human-driven climate change — this looks more like global cooling, they taunt.

Most climate scientists respond that the ferocious storms are consistent with forecasts that a heating planet will produce more frequent and more intense weather events.

But some independent climate experts say the blizzards in the Northeast no more prove that the planet is cooling than the lack of snow in Vancouver or the downpours in Southern California prove that it is warming

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Global Warming In One State

Like clockwork, whenever there is any kind of change in the natural landscape here in Minnesota, our local paper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, will attribute it to global warming. They did it again today, writing about the apparently dwindling population of moose in northern Minnesota: What’s Killing Minnesota’s Moose?

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More mistakes found in climate change report

 LONDON: The United Nations panel on climate change is facing fresh criticism for new factual errors and poor sources of evidence in its influential report to government leaders.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report is supposed to be the world’s most authoritative scientific account of the scale of global warming

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