Under Obama, more targeted killings than captures in counterterrorism efforts


Although senior administration officials say that no policy determination has been made to emphasize kills over captures, several factors appear to have tipped the balance in that direction. The Obama administration has authorized such attacks more frequently than the George W. Bush administration did in its final years, including in countries where U.S. ground operations are officially unwelcome or especially dangerous. Improvements in electronic surveillance and precision targeting have made killing from a distance much more of a sure thing. At the same time, options for where to keep U.S. captives have dwindled

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  1. During the presidential campaign, Obama pretty much ignored any discussion on terrorism. Even during the first year of his presidency, his administration changed the name from terrorism to overseas contigency.It seems that Obama has gotten a reality check since then and is actually fighting terrorism instead of some overseas contigency. Seems that terrorism doesn’t go away when you change the name of it to something benign.

    Kudos to Obama for actually getting his hands wet in the war on terrorism and it’s nice to know that he KNOWS that George Bush was RIGHT about terrorism after all. But Obama would rather lay blame at the feet of Bush than heap praise on him for being right.

    Sadly, the man has a far way to fall

    Comment by MTR | February 14, 2010 | Reply

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